Video Art and Digital Media

This page contains just a few examples of my work as a video-artist.

Silhouette has been shown at the Baltic Gallery, Gateshead and MIMA, Middlesbrough. It won the One Music Competition (2015), was a finalist in the Port of Tyne Competition (2015). 

It was planned, shot and completed in forty-eight hours. It was made in collaboration with gifted, young dancers.

Silhouette from Clive Davies-Frayne on Vimeo.

Syntax Error is a projection mapped video installation. It has been shown at the Phoenix Gallery, Brighton; The Imagineer Festival, Middlesbrough; and, Arthouses, Whitley Bay Film Festival

Syntax Error from Clive Davies-Frayne on Vimeo.


Winter was created as a demonstration piece for young artists. The idea was for us all to explore how we can craft reminiscence, writing and found/public domain footage into short video art pieces.

Winter from Clive Davies-Frayne on Vimeo.

Metropolitik is my favourite film. I made it with my brother when were both living in Milan. It started life as a camera-test. I was working on some ideas about how to shoot zero-budget drama in public. A few years later, when I started putting films in art galleries, I realised this fitted perfectly with my other video-art pieces. It was shown as part of the 2015 Arthouses Exhibition.

Inconsequential Moments was made with found footage. It takes the focus away from the lead actors and magnifies the moments in a film occupied by extras. Although they were intended to be part of the background, for these actors, these moments were important and significant parts of their lives. I have always found these moments beautiful.

Inconsequential Moments from Clive Davies-Frayne on Vimeo.

Contact was shortlisted in the Four4 Competition (2015). It is my only science-fiction film, a genre I have loved all my life. The challenge was to tell a story in four shots, each four seconds long. I am really happy with how it came out, and it was a delight to make.