Screenwriting is the most difficult discipline for a writer to master. It isn’t like any other form of writing. A film’s reading script has to tell the story and be readable, whilst at the same time working as the blueprint for every single department involved in production and post-production. In my opinion, screenwriting is the single most technically demanding form of writing in existence.

I came to screenwriting after a very successful career in radio. Despite this, it took me about eight-years to get to the point where I was anywhere near competent.  I learned how to write scripts by writing a lot of bad scripts. This isn’t unusual. It’s how most screenwriters learn the craft. Screenwriting isn’t a skill you can acquire overnight. The turning point for me was when I started working with a script editor. She was the person who put me on the right path. The one thing that hasn’t changed, from the very first script to the present day, is my passion for writing movie scripts. 

As well as writing screenplays, I also teach screenwriting. As a lecturer, I specialise in the use of character analysis, script-editing and the effect of digital production on writers in the independent film sector. I really enjoy teaching and educating screenwriters.

That’s why I’ve started creating tutorials on my Youtube Channel. It also why I mentor/script-edit a very small number of screenwriters.

After a four year period of only taking working on video art and short film projects, I am currently writing a new feature script. I occasionally take on a small number of “gun for hire” and script doctoring projects. 

My Scriptmag Column – articles about being an independent screenwriter in the digital age