I have devoted the last eighteen years of my life to writing screenplays, learning about screenwriting, and, at the same time, teaching actors, filmmakers, and writers how to avoid the mistakes I made in my early career.

I came to screenwriting with a professional background in writing for, and directing, actors. When I wrote my first screenplay, I had already been running professional writing teams for about eight-years. I believed my existing skills would make screenwriting easy for me. I was wrong. In fact, my initial self-confidence was the very thing that prevented me from acquiring the new skills I desperately needed. It was only after I ploughed three years of my life, and a great deal of my own money, into making my first feature film, I really started to understand just how much I needed to learn. 

My career has taken me to film festivals all over Europe, and into the offices of a lot of Film and TV producers. This is what I learned from writing a lot of scripts and talking to producers:

Good drama flows from the vulnerability of the central characters. The more vulnerable you make them, the better the script.

These days I split my working life between teaching screenwriting, script editing/doctoring and my own projects. 

I have an unconventional and unique points of view on both screenwriting and digital filmmaking. Some of my thoughts on these subject can be found in my column for Script Mag. What I am sure of is that there has never been a more exciting time to be a writer and filmmaker.

I also blog about writing, film and other stuff, here.

Feel free to contact me here about gun-for-hire writing projects, scripts that need fixing, or anything else work related.