About Me

I am a writer. I’m also dyslexic. Not the letters jumbled up version. My dyslexia just means that no matter how many times I type the word “occasionally,” I will never, ever spell it correctly. Not even if I dedicate an entire day to typing it over and over again. (I have tried that, by the way).

My dyslexia has been both a blessing and a curse. The negative side is I find proof-reading monumentally challenging and time-consuming. However, my dyslexia has also given me an innate sense of how to write for voiceovers and actors. It isn’t by accident that I ended up working in the radio industry, or that I have a passion for screenwriting. These are both disciplines where my ability to write “actor-friendly lines” has been an advantage.

I have devoted my life to either writing, writing about writing, or teaching subjects that relate to writing.  Most of the time, I’ve been lucky enough to make a living from that. I have also won a few awards.

Last year, I took a sabbatical from my screenwriting projects. I completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing. I have always wanted to write novels. Taking that year out gave me space to experiment with ideas and techniques. Having done that groundwork, I am now writing my first novel.

Commerical Radio Showreel – https://soundcloud.com/clive-frayne/clive-frayne-radio-show-reel-2017

Audiobook Sample – https://soundcloud.com/clive-frayne/clockwork-revolution-audiobook-sample