About Clive

Clive Frayne is a screenwriter, lecturer and author.  



Alongside his work as a screenwriter and script-editor, Clive teaches process-driven screenwriting. A technique he developed during fifteen years of writing for independent film producers.

Clive started his professional writing career twenty-eight years ago. His first paid job was working in broadcast radio. He worked in one of the best writing teams in the industry. That experience taught him how to write for actors, and how to direct. His writing won industry awards, both in the UK and America. After proving he could be a successful writer, Clive moved into running writing teams. For years, he hired, managed and mentored award-winning writers. 

Fifteen years ago, Clive decided to take on new writing challenges. He’d always dreamed of writing movie scripts. So, he wrote a script which was optioned by the first producer who read it. Since then he has written and directed several award-winning short films and features. 

Clive currently writes scripts for independent producers and teaches screenwriting in colleges and universities in the UK and America. His specialist subjects are process-driven screenwriting and independent cinema.

His latest book, The Process (of Screenwriting) is available on Amazon.


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