Free Booklet – Video Conference like a Pro

Video-conferencing from our home office is becoming an everyday, common, way to do business. Therefore, it is important we present ourselves professionally.

This what happens when you use your laptop’s inbuilt camera to video conference!

Most of us video conference using our laptop’s inbuilt camera and microphone. We leave the laptop on the desk in its normal working position. This is why so many of us are letting the world look up our noses when we video-conference!

As video-conferencing becomes the norm, we need to apply the same effort to present ourselves as we would if were doing a meeting in person.

In the booklet, Video Conferencing like a Professional (free download above), I explain some easy, relatively cheap, fixes to common video-conferencing problems.

The booklet is short, concise, and gives simple strategies anyone can apply.

Feel free to share it with anyone or any organisation you think would benefit from this organisation.