About Clive

 Clive Frayne is an award-winning writer, who spent the first decade of his professional writing career running successful writing teams in commercial radio. Twenty years ago, he shifted his professional focus from radio to screenwriting. His passion, independent film.

He has written and directed two feature films and several award-winning shorts.

Parallel to writing and making films, Clive has always written about independent film, screenwriting and script development. For many years, he was a columnist for Scriptmag, the international screenwriting magazine.

Last year, he published his first book, The Process, of Screenwriting, in which he shared his unique approach to script development. An approach he presented as a speaker at the 2020 London Screenwriter’s Festival.

Clive currently works as a development producer for Newcastle based production company, Blackstone Studios. He also acts as an independent script consultant for British independent film producers. A job that ranges from analysing scripts, developing/mentoring writers and undertaking rewrites of projects.  

Clive currently designs and delivers courses for the National Film and Television School, and several universities, on independent film script development and script analysis.  


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